Mikelangelo - Live@Agrestic

The Agrestic Grocer
Sat 28th July 2018
426 Molong Rd, Orange, NSW

Internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and entertainer extraordinaire, Mikelangelo invites us on a sultry and intoxicating musical journey through the history of the crooner in popular music.

Crooner: definition and meaning

a) A singer, typically a male one, who sings love songs
b) To lull by singing or humming in a soft, soothing voice
c) To utter a low murmuring sound
d) A drink that is less alcoholic than the one you are currently drinking

With the invention of the microphone, no longer did a singer need a huge set of lungs reach the back row; they could whisper and send a shiver down your spine. This new intimate vocal style wasn’t to everyone’s taste, the word crooner was used by some as a term of abuse, and even singers like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra claimed they were not crooners.

But it didn’t take long for crooning to woo the world and make its way into the popular imagination, and it has since become influential on singing styles of almost every genre of music. Mikelangelo croons us through 100 years of history, from Dean Martin to Elvis Presley; Sam Cooke to Jimmy Little; Jim Morrison to David Bowie; Iggy Pop to Nick Cave; Bryan Ferry to Chris Isaak to Brother Iz and many more; including a sprinkling of original Mikelangelo tunes for good measure. With his velvet voice and his trusty guitar, Mikelangelo takes us deep into the seductive, reflective and gentler side of some of the greatest male artists of the 20th century.