Cancelled Black Sea Gentlemen Tour & New Sydney Date

Sat 18th November 2017
42 King Street

The Black Sea Gentlemen were going to be touring in November, but sadly, our friend and collaborator The Great Muldavio recently suffered from a heart attack and the tour had to be cancelled. We are happy to report that Muldavio's recuperation is going pretty well, all considered.

While the BSG tour was cancelled, Leadbelly in Sydney have asked Mikelangelo if he could still perform this Saturday 18th November. He'll be performing with the charming Rufino on violin and vocals, Dirk Kruitof and AJ True on drums and electric guitar. You can expect to hear selections from Mikelangelo's back catalogue including some solo material, Black Sea Gentlemen, Tin Star, City of Dreams and other songs from his band, Spectres of Love. AJ will also do a short guest set of original acoustic songs.

Dinner is served from 6pm, I kick off at 9pm and the show and runs til midnight. Spread the word!