Cave-Waits-Cohen at the Spotted Mallard

The Spotted Mallard
Sat 25th March 2017
314 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC

The acclaimed one-man show CAVE-WAITS-COHEN returns to Adelaide with its stirring homage of three of the great poets of popular music; Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. Mikelangelo weaves their songs with his own inimitable style, storytelling and life affirming humour.

In March, Mikelangelo makes a long-awaited return to Brunswick's Spotted Mallard to play a solo show featuring his favourite songs by these three iconic artists.

"It's been a wonderful journey to return to these songs and find my own way to put them across. One of the great things about music is that a song can reach deep into you and find a place to stay, where it will become part of your life. The songs I sing in the show have done just that. They live within me and keep me company. I like to think that people feel the same way when they walk out of the theatre, that these songs will travel with them and that this night will be something they will always remember."