CAVE-WAITS-COHEN at Horsham Wesley Performing Arts Centre

Horsham Wesley Performing Arts Centre
Sun 8th November 2015
Corner Roberts Ave & Urquhart St Horsham VIC 3400

Classic Album Series, first performed in Melbourne at The Old Bar as a four-week residency in May 2012. The album series saw Mikelangelo the interpret some of the records that set him on his path as a young man - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Your Funeral, My Trial; Tom Waits’ Franks Wild Years; Leonard Cohen’s Songs Of Love and Hate; and Johnny Cash’s American Recordings.

In February 2013, Mikelangelo made a live recording of a selection of these songs at underground Melbourne venue Some Velvet Morning. From these sessions, he released a limited edition live album entitled SOME VELVET EVENING: CAVE – WAITS – COHEN in November 2013.

It was from these sessions that he began to put together the current incarnation of his CAVE-WAITS-COHEN touring show. Mikelangelo says:

"It’s been a wonderful journey to return to these songs and find my own way to put them across. One of the great things about music is that a song can reach deep into you and find a place to stay, where it will become part of your life. The songs I sing in the show have done just that. They live within me and keep me company. I like to think that people feel the same way when they walk out of the theatre, that these songs will travel with them and that this night will be something they will always remember."