'city of dreams' official album launch

Foxtel Festival Hub at Melbourne Festival
Tues 14th october - thurs 16th october 2014
6pm Tues, 8pm Wed and Thu
South bank of Yarra River, east of Princes Bridge (opposite Fed Square)

Dulcet-toned and immaculately coiffed, Australian troubadour Mikelangelo is best known for his rollicking gypsy yarns and Western-tinged balladry. But for this special series of shows launching his new album CITY OF DREAMS, he trades the Balkan woodlands and tumbleweed-blown plains for something closer to home – a haunting ode to his adopted hometown.

Layered with cinematic visuals, and featuring a number of collaborators – including the inimitable Clare St Clare and electronic artist Miles Brown (The Night Terrors) – these performances are a stirring personal tribute to the grey-skied city we call home.

“Unquestionably magnetic, Mikelangelo weaves a spell around the audience, inviting them to explore the shadowy recesses of the soul.”


Nominated for Best Male Artist at the 2013 Age Music Victoria Awards alongside luminaries Paul Kelly, Archie Roach and Gotye, Mikelangelo has firmly made his name as the crème de la crème of Australia’s crooners.

CITY OF DREAMS will be his 12th independent album to date, so it’s only fitting he launches these new stunning tracks in the beating heart of the very city as part of the 2014 Melbourne Festival program.