City of dreams

There's a distinctly nocturnal kind of romance to Mikelangelo's Melbourne. Poetic glimpses of heels on cobblestones and the beauty of the rising sun ... felt more like a dream, or at least a glimpse of the magic hours that only wandering poets and minstrels get to see."

Michael Dwyer, The Age

City Of Dreams is the visionary new album by Mikelangelo with a brilliantly talented host of guest artists including Clare St Clare, Miles Brown, Stu Thomas, Tali, The Nymphs, Rob Snarski and more. The first sketches of the songs came from ideas he hummed into his phone while wandering the city streets, parks and laneways at different times if the day and night. From these humble beginnings has grown a bold and beautiful musical vision shaped in close collaboration with dream pop singer Clare St Clare and electronic artist Miles Brown, along with album producers Daniel and Gideon Frankel at The Imaginarium. Lush beds of vintage synthesizers, sequencing and programming seamlessly mix with atmospheric electric and acoustic instrumentation to make an evocative and cinematic album with a perfect balance of dark and light. Mikelangelo's voice sounds deeper and more romantic and resonant than ever before, while St Clare rings true and clear, an angelic and ethereal voice of the city. Mikelangelo says:
“I think that everyone has their own personal relationship to the city, one that is filled with hope, longing and desire, like a romance with a lover. Each artist I have worked with has brought something of this depth and mystery to the songs, to make an album that is a love letter to the city.”

While Mikelangelo’s voice guides the listener through the album, the grand vision of City Of Dreams includes a number of guest vocalists and producers; from the dreamy vocals of The Nymphs on BEAUTY, through to the gritty delivery of Stu Thomas in WALKING, the cooing innocence of Tali as she duests with Mikelangelo in STREETS, to the intimate whispers of Rob Snarski’s satin vocals that weave in and out of Mikelangelo’s warm, deep tones in TONIGHT. The album also features additional production by Myles Mumford, Loki Lockwood and Miles Brown, giving the album a rich and varied sound that has been satisfyingly resolved into a seamless whole by the Frankel brothers.

Mikelangelo says:

“I think the best way to make a truly great album is to follow your instinct at every turn and to trust the artists with whom you are collaborating. If you want to make music that will live forever, you have to be brave and completely ignore the rules.”

Through this involved and intuitive approach, an album of great lyrical and musical scope has been produced. The artists who have worked with Mikelangelo on the album have been essential in shaping the musical journey, particularly in the case of Clare St Clare and Miles Brown. With Mikelangelo they have co-written the brooding and sensual album opener LOST and the exquisite and ethereal duet DAWN, and have also worked closely together on title track CITY OF DREAMS and the beautifully realized finale to the album, CLOSER.
The album is released by clandestine new label The Imaginarium - the concept of international award winning producers, Daniel and Gideon Frankel. Inspired by the influential legacy of studio/labels of the 1960s, the Frankel brothers have created their own studio/label to produce and release contemporary classic albums. City Of Dreams is their first release and it is in all good record stores via Rocket Distribution. The album was released worldwide digitally on Tuesday 14 October and in-stores in Australia on Friday 17 October. City Of Dreams was recorded with funding through Arts Victoria and a highly successful Pledge Music campaign.

The album was launched to rave reviews over three nights at Melbourne Festival in October 2014 with a hypnotic and immersive multi-media live show features an array of guest artists from the album, including Clare St Clare, Miles Brown (Night Terrors), Rob Snarski (Black Eyed Susans), Stu Thomas (Kim Salmon, Dave Graney), Jane Hendry and Kelly Day (Broads, The Nymphs), Tali (Biddlewood), Dan McKay (The Nation Blue), Justin Rudge (Bakersfield Glee Club), and projected visuals by Morganics.

“With his voice deeper and hotter than hell, Mikelangelo strolls through the city streets, often hand-in-hand with Clare St Clare, and sees that everything around him is bloody beautiful. Miles Brown has convinced him that a theremin and synthesizer are as sexy as a well-worn guitar, and his guest vocalists, including St Clare, bring a balancing lightness to his irresistible darkness”.

Anne-Marie Peard, Aussie