May to August 2017
Across Vic, NSW, SA and ACT

Looking at Mikelangelo’s tour dates for the next few months will get your mouth watering and his head spinning. It’s going to be a wild ride, but the man and the quiff are made to withstand the constant rigours of touring and he always emerges...

Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival

Mikelangelo been named one of the ambassadors of the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival, which kicks off on the first weekend of June with Mikelangelo’s spectacular Leonard Cohen tribute...

April - June 2017
Various Dates

After their annual sabbatical to the Black Sea, the Gentlemen return to their beloved adopted home of Australia to play a run of shows. You can catch them in Sydney and two festivals in the Snowy Mountains, the very landscape that inspired their...

Mikelangelo was recently interviewed by the Bega District News about the proposed development of a second hydro...


Spectres of Love

Welcome to SPECTRES OF LOVE, a world of lonesome outsiders, haunted dreamers and sexually charged rock'n'roll. Denizens of dark romance and filmic atmos, thrown together by a shared lust for shared lust for primal swamp and garage rock, doo wop, gospel blues and 60s pop, this new trio features Mikelangelo (Black Sea Gentlemen, Tin Star) on lead vocals and electric guitar; MD (El Dinero) on bass & vocals and AJ True (Zombie Ghost Train) on drums & vocals.

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